Welcome  to  The Pentecostal Lighthouse Church of Jarrell

A place of  hope and healing

Pastor Dan Fliehs

I wanted to start this testimony with the statement that God can do anything in anyone's life, all that it takes is a heart that is ready to surrender to Him and follow Him wherever He takes you.

 I grew up in a small town in South Dakota, the son of a wheat farmer that was taught that you get through life by working hard and being honest. It was a good life in a good place. Unfortunately in the 70's drugs seem to be a pretty common thing and it was definitely common where I grew up and I got caught up in that life. I always had a heart for God, even though I knew that the way I lived was not the way He wanted me to live. I became very hard in my heart and very selfish in the way I lived, because of course It was all about me. Let me say here that living a life that is all about me can become a very lonely life. Depression began to work its way into my life and I dealt with it by using more drugs and more booze. When depression sets in it gives the Spirit of Suicide a foothold in that persons life and many times I would think about just ending my life. It seemed that every relationship that I had in my life did not work out. Not with my parents, not with friends, not with women. Life was nothing but a frustration. 
 I was praying every night, mostly in a state of intoxication of some kind, for a Christian wife that I could love and who would love me. I met my future wife Tammy in Georgetown Texas at a restaurant that I ate at, I had just started a new job  there, I fell in love with her, we spent every day together for 6 weeks and we were married at the end of that 6 weeks. I had misled her to believe that I was a church going person, but as soon as we were married, I quit going to church with her and started giving her a hard time about going to church. Tammy was a Pentecostal, something that I was not familiar with., but I respected her belief, we just never talked about God because when we did fight.   After 7 years of marriage, I began to slip back to the life I knew before I was married, drugs and alcohol became a very real temptation in my life and I started to dabble in them secretly. By this time we had 2 beautiful girls who I loved very much. I also loved my wife but her drawing closer to God was putting a lot of distance between us because I was pulling away from God. It was at this time where I had crazy thoughts of how I could leave her and take my children with me. 
  I need to let you know that in the 6th year of our marriage that God had audibly told my wife that I was going to be saved and he did not disappoint her. The holy Ghost began convicting my heart and the question of "what if she is right" nagged my all the time. I began to go to church with her and one night as I was listening to the preaching, the altar call came and I told God if you want me to go to the front have my brother in law come and ask me to go pray. I never dreamed that he would ever come over because he hadn't done anything like that in all the months that I had been coming, but that night guess what?? Erik came and asked if I would like to go pray. I went up and was filled with the Holy Ghost, and that night my life was changed forever.
  That night my life changed forever in so many ways, first of all I was filled with Gods Spirit, I was delivered of Cigarettes a little later on, I became active in Church, taught bible studies, became an outreach director  and then our pastor challenged someone to start a bible study in Jarrell, after prayer and seeking the Lord , my wife and I started on in our home, The bible study grew and we ended up getting a double wide trailer and a small piece of land and we had church in that trailer. Many souls were saved and lives changed in that trailer. But then God gave us 13 acres of  land and and a new building and I went on to be the pastor of this work. So I started with the statement that God can do anything and I totally believe that because he took a struggling, depressed addict and made a Pastor out of Him, So be encouraged, God is not done with you, if  you learn to surrender to Him He will heal you and he will use you in His kingdom,, To  Jesus be the Glory !!!!!!!!
  On top of all of that let me mention that he did also give us a couple of acres of land, a nice house, and 6 more wonderful children that we love with all our heart. Children that God gave to us through adoption, They are growing up, our youngest is 18 and our oldest 31, they are a joy to be around! My wonderful wife of 32 years is my best friend and I can't say enough of how much I love and respect her for not giving up on me, Again to God be the Glory!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sis.  Kim