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And He said to them,Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature."

Mark 16:15 (NKJV)

Hong Kong

Although still not allowed to have church gatherings since December 2, we have still been baptizing! Four reports received of individuals baptized in Jesus' name! One that was baptized in October received the gift of the Holy Ghost during online preaching. ~S. O.



Several ways made out of no way during Covid quarantine: was able to help provide food to many families that needed help and to the prison (prisoners are responsible for their own meals); We were able to be back in church together after 28 Sundays of being apart; Four were baptized from the local church; Throughout Bolivia several Pastor's have reported 112 having been baptized during the quarantine with no church services taking place; The Superintendent of District * testifies a family in need showed up at the church during quarantine, after praying for the lady who was a witch he offered her a bible, but she was unable to physically touch it. After praying, repenting and renouncing her old life she received not only the bible but was baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost! ~R. D.


Although faced with the devastation of the non-nuclear explosion and economic hardships; the Lord has provided through CSI (Compassion Services International), and we are able to minister to our communities! We are happy to report that we were able to recently baptize eleven people in the Mediterranean Sea! ~M. S.


Three students who attended every bible study class given are now teaching their own to their family and friends! Discipling others makes a difference and we are thankful for the furtherance of the Gospel. ~M. A.



In the month of February, reports were received of forty-seven people being baptized in Jesus' name and fifty-six filled with the Holy Ghost around the island! ~the R.'s and C.'s

South Africa

Despite being hard hit by Covid, the church is moving forward! The KZN District reported twenty-five people baptized in Jesus' name; one of them was a pastor in an area with no UPCI work! Various outreaches have taken place which included feeding the hungry. ~N. S.



Many visitors have attended Sunday services in Moscow. A Spanish speaking young man was baptized recently. ~R. M.



Thank you for all you who have been so faithful with your prayers and partnership. Our prayers are that God continues to richly bless you. ~The B.'s


There were around 375 people joined in the National Prayer Rally in Great Britain and Ireland via ZOOM, and many more through social media. A total active reach of over 9,000 for two hours or more for this four-hour prayer meeting! ~R.K.


Burkina Faso/Niger

Over 1-million are displaced and living in refugee camps surrounding the nation's capital, just miles away. Please pray for our children's ministry team, that they can find a way to share God's love and reach into the lives of these children. ~K. C.


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